Haiku Association of India formed on 19/08/2012
Haiku Book released on 15/12/2012
Online site launched on15/12/2012

It won’t be considered an exaggeration if one refers to haiku as a monk carrying the sea in his cupped hands. In fact it exemplifies the saying, "brevity is the soul of wit" as haiku condenses crystallised feelings in the very special ways of its own. Haiku, as we all know, has been influenced by Buddhism, a religion with a unique spiritual tradition that accepts and celebrates the complexities and variances in life. It exhibits unmatched dexterity in incorporating and blending such differences that seem to exist in life situations. This specialty provides haiku its differentia of marrying, in an amazing way, paradoxes as well as opposites that coexist in life like oxymorons Through aneffective and unique synthesis of seemingly disparate human experiences, this poetic genre also makes an exemplary effort to unify mankind in its own special way.
Haiku is yet to attain its true audience due to varied reasons amongst poetry lovers in India and abroad owing to many a reason which are yet to be explored. The specificities of Japanese language have always aided the form, style and texture of haiku in its subtle ways.
It is with this noble aim of helping and accelerating the efforts in this direction that a few haiku lovers have joined hands to form an organization called the Haiku Association of India. As part of its activities, this organization aims to conduct workshops and seminars on haiku at different levels, organize haiku appreciation camps and competitions in haiku writing at school - college levels as well as introduce innovative activities such as synchronous haiku writing - painting campaigns for people who love literature and arts. We are indeed aware that much can be done and needs to be done in this direction.
As the first step in this direction, we are happy to offer you, “Kaikkudannayile Kadal”, an anthology of haikus in Malayalam and English written by a few haiku lovers among us.PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK /b>

A prospective web portal is under construction which will be a Haiku Knowledge hub from where one can get ample information about the history of classic haiku to the contemporary haiku around the world.